This is my promo message, that should answer the question: “Why should I read this stuff?“. I will try to make it as clear as possible what is my advantage over the competition.

Who am I?

As I already said on the the page about my biography: I have done it all:

  • student to MBA graduate
  • employee to entrepreneur
  • reader to writer
  • developer to project manager

The main topic of my life so far has been learning in all its forms. My competitive advantage over the rest of the world is that I:

  • find it extremely easy to learn new skills
  • am challenged by change
  • am driven to all that is new
  • can to “translate” technical to non-technical terms and vise versa

Writing for me is one of those skills that I CANNOT NOT do. I have been writing ever since I learned how to write. And I will (hopefully) will continue writing as long as I am physically able to do it.

The goal of the blog

The goal of this blog is to give me a platform where I can share what I have learned. Digest and decompose the process, so that everybody can get to where I am.

My promo slogan

“Let me learn it and decompose it for you”

This is my specialty and this is the purpose. I am subscribed to all those “self-help”, “lifestyle”, “work-life balance” blogs and authors and it always bugged me that they do not actually write how they do things. Or even worse, they base all their writing on the experience of others.

My target audience

I encourage you to read, comment on and share my posts if you:

  • are Generation X or Millenial
  • have a good job and good income, but that is not enough for you
  • work as a lower management or self-employed and you want to learn to tools to make you even more successful
  • have a higher education, where you invested a lot of money and power