Operating Systems: A Brief History

A brief history of operating systems is a re-port of an article about the Alexa – the new Amazon OS that is supposed to dominate the markets in the future.

I stumbled upon another interesting article, from which I learned a lot about operating systems and the business model behind them. The writer has made an excellent overview of how Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Amazon businesses evolved around the operating systems that created. What was even more interesting is why these companies failed trying to penetrate other markets.

How did I find this article

As I have said in my previous posts, I started using a ghost Facebook account (without any friends). There I publish my blog posts (hoping to get some followers). I also use the account to follow people that I find interesting. It amazes me how many incredible articles can be found, when you follow the right people. This article was posted by Antonio García Martínez – an entrepreneur with a very interesting biography. I recommend reading his autobiography – Chaos Monkeys (I am currently on page 150 out of 480+).

I encourage you to follow my practice, find your influencers and subscribe to their social media profiles. This is a very good way to add them to your circle and learn from them.

The post

The post about operating systems starts by defining what an OS is. Then it describes the business models of operating systems: Windows, Android vs iOS, Google Internet Operating System, Facebook’s Operating System and so on. And last but not least, how Amazon failed in the mobile business.

The main topic of the article is Amazon’s Operating System – Alexa. This is the new personal assistant by Amazon, which the author calls the “home operating system”. Apparently this will be the next big thing in IT. It allows controlling various house appliances.

Why do I share it?

I share this article mostly because of the description of the business models of the different operating systems. And also because of the future trend that would most probably be Alexa. It is also inline with my previous re-post about Mark Zuckerberg’s JARVIS challenge.

Link: https://stratechery.com/2017/amazons-operating-system/

Next steps

What are the next steps?

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