Taking a Sabbatical in 2023

Tin Mayer is taking a sabbatical for 2023. Read the full post to find out why.


Dear Goliaths, 2021 and 2022 were huge years for me, this is why I am taking a sabbatical in 2023.

A Gnome’s Quest

After four years of writing and one year of querying, I decided to self-publish my first book – A Gnome’s Quest. In parallel, I increased the frequency of my posts to twice a week. Also in parallel, I was dealing with the pandemic (like everyone else), supporting my family (like most of you), and working my full-time job (again, like most of you). Now, at the end of 2022, I decided to pause and reflect on the experience.

Tools of Goliaths

A few months ago, I started querying agents and publishers with a pitch about my next book (tentative title of Tools for Goliaths). There, I hope to dive deeper and explore the more specific tools which helped me get to where I am now. Just like with my first book however, it has been a frustrating experience so far. But this time I have promised myself to keep trying until I can convince an agent to represent me and a publisher to invest in me. Otherwise, it is just a hobby.


Finally, I have been working on establishing a more formal process of knowledge management for myself. It based on the Zettelkasten method and, like everything else, it takes time to setup and internalize. The initial results have been really promising and in the summer I doubled down on it and started organizing my thoughts into Zetteln.


But long story short, the goal of this post is to announce that I will be taking most of 2023 as a sabbatical. Blogging in the current form I am doing it, ceased to be fun for me. I need to rethink my commitment to it. Writing books and querying agents and publishers is also rather boring and unsatisfying. Writing, in general, continues to be my passion. I intend to keep ready and to keep working on expanding my knowledge base.

Where can you find me?

I do not plan to write any more posts in my blog in 2023. But I plan to still write my signature “Best Books I Read in 2022” post, because I think I read some incredible books in 2022. I will only remain active on my Twitter profile (although with the current developments at Twitter, I might soon have to stop that too in case Elon makes it a paid platform). If you would like to reach me, go to my Contact.

I wish you a great holiday season and a very successful 2023!

Next steps

What are the next steps?

If you have liked my article, please proceed to my contact page, where you can view various ways to contact me.


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