A Gnome’s Quest: My Struggle to Self-Organize and Bring Order to Chaos

Published on Jul 23, 2021.

Books: A Gnome's Quest
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Building a successful career and life is an overwhelming and challenging adventure. You start with creativity, self-awareness, and stillness to listen to your inner voice and define success, which usually does not happen overnight. Then you need persistence, discipline, and belief to keep following your path, usually for months and years. But you also need bravery, wisdom, and an open mind to change your path when you’ve changed. And finally, you churn, churn, churn, examine the result, and make changes.

In this book, Tin Mayer shares his journey from gnome to goliath and his influencers along the way. He distills his success into several tips per section, usually tapping the wisdom of other books, people, or experiences.

As a result, he gives you the pillars for self-organizing your life. He starts with self-organizing your self (emotions, thoughts), moves to self-organizing your present (days, weeks, months, years), and finishes with tips about self-organizing your future (roles in life, vision, and mission statements).

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