Learning from the best

Learning from the best is a re-post of Mark Zuckerberg’s post on Facebook about building his own Jarvis (an AI assistant) as a challenge for 2016. I provide a brief commentary on the text and, most importantly, I answer the question why do I share it.

Learning is a continuous process that will not end for you in your entire life. There are so many forms of learning that I will not bother listing even a few of them. The main take-away from my post (hopefully) would be: learn from any opportunity life offer you!

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A short story on success: The panda and the sticks

The panda and the sticks” is a short story on ambition, goals, discipline success and wisdom. It explains the Four Pillars of Success philosophy.

Gu Bau

Once upon a time there was a little panda called Gu Bau, who was born in troubled times, when the social media did not exist. He was a panda, like every other panda and he struggled to become a Zen Master. Being a successful Zen Master was the best profession any panda could choose – Zen Masters were very well educated, they helped other people and they were insanely rich. But not rich on money, they were rich on experience. And so everybody wanted to learn from them.

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