Success Pillars: My Philosophy for Success

Success Pillars – this is my philosophy for success and it is very simple. I call it formally “The Four Pillars of Success“. At least it looks simple to me after all I have been through and after everything I have learned. I have been identifying these four pillars for the last 10 years of my successful life and I am going to work on them for the rest of it. My request for you is the following: just take a look with an open mind and try to map my ideas to your life.


Your life is built upon your values. They are what makes you a person and a part of the community. Values are very difficult to identify and even more difficult to change, but they make us who we are. The following text is not about those values.

Success Pillars

On top of those values stay the success pillars of the character. There are many of them that I will not cover like family, relationship, friends, fun. But there are four of them that support the quality of your life.

These four pillars are:

Success Pillars
The Four Pillars of Success according to from Gnome to Goliath

Personal Growth – this is all about knowing who you are, where are you going and how are you getting there and about acquiring the skills needed to get you there

Personal Optimization – how to do the things you do the right way, reducing the required resources and increasing the observed results and quality

Professional Growth – how you can build yourself as a product that will be recognized and appreciated by your colleagues, supervisors and/or customers and how to better understand the game you are playing (called business)

Professional Productivity – how to be effective, how to be efficient, how to manage your resources while working in order to have enough of them for your personal life

The Top

On top of these four success pillars stays the quality of your life. This is a rather subjective term, but to me it means that inner feeling of well-being. It appears when you are on or near the top of the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (external link). When you have fulfilled the basic needs and you strive for esteem and self-realization.

Getting to the Top

You can get to the top when you have built those four success pillars, when they stay high and strong. Building those pillars is all about a continuous process of plan-do-check-act steps. This is a term that I have borrowed from my project management education and career as it covers the essence of doing things right.

  • Plan carefully what you want to achieve and where you want to go
  • Do the things you have planned. Get out of your comfort zone. Make the first step
  • Check your progress against your plan and look for deviations
  • Act on the problems you have found in the check phase
  • Repeat those steps until you make everything right

The most important step

The most important step in my opinion is the “do”. Do not be afraid to do what you have planned and fail. Do not over-plan your steps, but rather do them and then analyze the results.

Next steps

What are the next steps?

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