Task Management – Boost Productivity with Daily MITs

Most Important Task (MIT) is a task that sets you on the path towards achieving your goals. Boost your productivity using the MIT-s Task Management Method.

Do you feel that your life has become an endless to-do list with tasks? And it gets longer and longer no matter how much time you spend working on those tasks? Are your tasks like the Hydra from Hercules – once you finish one, three new ones come in its place? Do you spend most of your day getting one “urgent” task done after the other? If yes, then you badly need task management skills.

Task management means managing a task through its life cycle – planning, testing, tracking and reporting. They help individuals achieve their goals and groups to collaborate and accomplish collective goals. Tasks have different complexity (from low to high), different priority (from low to high) and different urgency (from low to high).

Most Important Tasks (MIT) is a method for task management of selecting the most important tasks for the day and making sure that they get done. This way you can concentrate on the tasks which would bring the most value to you.

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