Communication Skills – How to Avoid Miscommunication in the Workplace

Improving your communication skills and learning how to avoid miscommunication lead to increased performance in the workplace and better career overall.

Communication skills is another basic field that every entrepreneur should master. Even more, communication skills are required for every human in order to get something from the others. People have been communicating for the past thousands of years. But the way they do it and the theory behind it have not changed that much. Unfortunately, most people do not take time to explore and study the concept.

Miscommunication is when two people have a conversation but come out with different understanding. For example, you send an email to a colleague, requesting a document. Instead, you do not receive anything and he uploads the document to the shared server. You both did your job, but you do not get what you wanted. Or, when you reserve a resource that is important for your project but it is not there when you need it. I am sure you can think of many more examples.

Communication theory is a part of information theory that studies how information is transferred between two people. The process is simplified and includes only two actors (sender and receiver). They transfer a single message between themselves. In practice, communication is a lot more complex, but the basics found with that simplified model are still valid.

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