Nine Actionable Steps to Improve Your Attitude About Life

Have you ever wished you lived someone else’s life? Someone who looks happy all the time, nothing bothers them, and they always smile. Someone who weathers every storm, keeps their cool during stressful situation, and generally performs better. Well guess what? It is not about the person, or the life, or the circumstances, the key is your attitude about life.

This article will give you nine simple and actionable steps to improve your attitude about life starting today. You will not become that person overnight, but it will happen gradually.

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Kaizen Every Day

This article describes my life-long pursuit for improvement (or Kaizen). It covers both my personal and my professional life.

I stumbled upon the word Kaizen a few years ago and ever since I have been reading articles and whole paragraphs in books, and generally have been fascinated by the concept. I remember the movie The Last Samurai with Tom Cruise and how he impressed his Japanese captors with his iron will and willingness to improve step by step every day.

This article covers the topic of continuous improvement and how I have introduced it to my life. In my opinion perfection is not a state, but a decision, lifetime commitment. By doing small improvements over time, you accrue interest over the years.

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