Tin Mayer Bio

Tin Mayer Bio is the first and only page in this blog about myself. At first I wanted to do without it. But after putting myself in my reader’s shoes, I decided to add it. Feel free to read below and learn what kind of person is writing those posts.

Tin Mayer Bio
The Official Picture of Tin Mayer

Tin Mayer is the author of “A Gnome’s Quest”, an entrepreneur, a Principal Technologist at a Fortune 500 company, and an advocate of change.

In his blog (https://www.fromgnometogoliath.com/) he writes about self-organizing your chaotic life with personal goals and productivity habits. An avid reader, Tin Mayer posts book reviews on Goodreads.

He holds an MBA degree from Vienna University of Business and Economics, an MSc and BSc in Computer Science. He lives in Canada.

Tin Mayer is an entrepreneur!

I have always been fascinated with that scene from the movie The Social Network where Sean Parker (played by Justin Timberlake) tells the hot university chick that he is “an entrepreneur”. She misinterprets it as “unemployed” but after Sean explains who he is, she is finally impressed. “So you are the guy that invented Napster?”

The word entrepreneur has long lost its negative meaning of somebody that is “between jobs”, or “does not do anything” and so on. An entrepreneur creates, sets up and runs businesses. He or she is a leader AND a manager, but also an inventor AND a follower. He or she is a teacher AND a student, has a great lifestyle and works hard.

Tin Mayer has graduated Computer Science as BSc and Software Technologies as MSc

My career started just after college as a software engineer. For my first 2 years my direct managers promoted me two times and I swapped the teams in between. Then I realized that the life of the developer is great, but it would never be enough for me. At the age of 25 I started exploring the opportunities out there and disregarded the advice of everybody to “study hard and find a secure job“.

After another stunt at another company, I finally ended up in a start-up on a lower management position. I had the time of my life, but there was still something missing. The company I was working for got sold to one of the major players in the industry and I saw where the big money are generated. Those years at the “big-fish” company gave me the best experience in my life. The next step in my career and education was clear.

Tin Mayer is interested in the topic of becoming “the best possible version of one’s self”

Around the age of 26-27 I started reading the so called “self-help” books. Those books helped me put the pieces together in my head and made me realize that the community is moving past the 9-to-5 routine. An increased number of people were generating decent fortunes while working on a non-traditional ways.

This was when I started my journey of self-growth, optimization, professional-growth and productivity. I must admit that I was lucky enough to have the correct seed inside me that has always helped me achieve the best possible results in almost any situation. I was always evaluated positively in all my positions but I always felt undervalued for my potential.

Tin Mayer has an MBA degree and a project management certification!

Another two companies later at the age of 30, I was finally accepted as an MBA student in a middle-class, decent-reputation full-time executive program. I filled all the blanks in my education and I was once again ready for the next step.

Another two years later I also finalized my project management education with a project management certification (PMP) from the Project Management Institute. I aced the exam in all categories.

Tin Mayer has had a start-up company

At the age of 30 I felt ready to venture into the next professional challenge – founding a start-up company. I had my niche and I knew my capabilities and resources. My education was still going on and at the same time I also started my family.

For about 3 years I lived and breathed with my start-up. There were ups and downs, successes and failures. Once again for a short period of time I learned more than my previous life.

Tin Mayer and his future

Intentionally I am leaving these parts blank so that I can come back and fill them in the future.

Tin Mayer is a writer

I wish I could add “best-selling” to the statement above but it is too early for that. I have already published two books that are largely irrelevant to this blog. But I have always preferred writing to speaking and my readers (be it in professional environment or the readers of my books) always evaluated my writing style and interesting and unique. This is an example of those skills that you cannot NOT do.

Tin Mayer’s strengths are: Bravery, Love of learning and curiosity, Social skills, Humor, Hope. Or “Project Initiator” in a summary.

Self-knowledge has always been a huge topic in my life. I believe I have made a lot of progress in that direction. The different situations in which I have put myself have helped me see myself from a lot of different perspectives.

Next steps

What are the next steps?

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